Worship is every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Worship is relaxed, "come as you are," and is recognizable as a traditional format of Old and New Testament readings, hymns, and other songs played on piano or organ, a sermon, and a time of sharing joys and concerns in the congregation, with fellowship and food afterwards.
  It will "look" like traditional church tends to look, but we hope it also feels warm and very authentic for you.  We hold to Jesus as our teacher and the One who has come to show us what a compassionate God looks and acts like. We believe our Creator is a God of abundance and unlimited grace and love for all God's beloved children; and that everyone is a beloved of God. 
  Weddings and memorial services may be scheduled as desired by calling  Pastor Ellen Baxter (415) 914-4540. 
   The videos below are samples of what you might encounter at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Bolinas, through interviews with former Pastor Sharon Latour and excerpts from her messages. 
 "A Welcoming Return"

Dr. Sharon Latour of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Bolinas, California, explains how curious and aging "Baby Boomers" now have the opportunity to revisit and return to church, sometimes after an absence of decades, finding it a different place, to find community and meaning, and remembering positive aspects of their youth.'

"Jesus for Millenials"
The "millennial generation" wants to know if the church authentically presents the radical teachings of Jesus: social justice and peace. Pastor Sharon Latour of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Bolinas, California explains the task for the church and Christians.